Premium Web Design

We at AgentMedium are delighted to offer our premium website and mobile site design services specifically created to promote and improve the online visibility of your business. Below you will find ten of our most desirable templates specifically designed to impress both customers and vendors through their high impact visual styles and usability. Named after some of the most iconic streets in London, our templates let you display your properties in a professional, eye-catching online setting as well as offering superb navigation and functionality to your potential clients.

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Pall Mall

Combining a striking central carousel photograph display with a translucent band, the Pall Mall design is bold, modern and daring both for desktop and mobile devices.

Further down the front page you will find a complete search tool, featured property listings and a testimonial section where you can promote your company directly to potential customers and vendors.

Click here to go Pall Mall


Euston Road

Our Euston Road design is a hub of activity, offering a highly accessible user experience with its clearly defined navigation tools and highlighted featured property sections.

This design boasts a map tool right on the front page of your website as well which lets your customers see exactly where your properties are situated hassle-free.

Click here to go Euston Road



Prestigious and grand just like its namesake, our Mayfair design provides fantastic front page search engine functionality with a smooth, clean style suited to attracting both buyers and vendors to your business.

The Mayfair design also boasts four featured properties display areas to really promote your best properties.

Click here to go Mayfair


Park Lane

For a more classic, stately website design our Park Lane template may be just up your street.

Each section is clearly displayed to offer maximum usability and content, the property search is positioned prominently and both the gallery and testimonial areas of the front page use carousel effects to keep your site looking fresh and up-to-date.

Click here to go Park Lane


Leicester Square

Influenced by Leicester Square’s red-carpet glamour, this design uses cinematic, high impact photography in the centre of the page to grab the attention of your website visitors.

The design also offers three enticing featured property sections to promote specific properties and a straightforward search tool.

Click here to go Leicester Square


Bow Street

Panoramic and proud, our Bow Street design utilises a floating interface style on the main page that gives your website a real sense of depth. Usability is also high on the agenda with this design which shows off with its minimalist search tool, featured properties display and services links.

Attached to the front page your customers will also find a map feature to show off the locations of your properties as well as a social media link.

Click here to go Bow Street


Regent Street

If you are looking for something a little different and quirky our Regent Street design may be worth thinking about. This bright and lively template reflects its fashionable namesake.

The main page displays a large map highlighting your clients’ properties as well as an easy-to-use search tool, while lower down your potential customers will find high-visibility featured and latest property sections as well as a list of your agents customers can contact directly.

Click here to go Regent Street


Oxford Street

Using a more traditional, content-driven style, our Oxford Street design was inspired by the most bustling, lively streets in London.

Starting with a big and bold carousel display and comprehensive property search engine, users can then scroll down to a busy, high street-like featured property section perfect for any estate agent with a high volume of properties.

Click here to go Oxford Street


Bond street

Inspired by the revered Bond street where society’s wealthiest, most stylish and influential people reside. This clean and stylish template reflects sophistication and class.

The home page features a panoramic carousel display and a clean search tool below it. Users can then scroll down to find the latest properties and a testimonial section where you can promote your company to potential customers and vendors.

Click here to go Bond Street



Modern and engaging, the Whitehall design is a breath of fresh air in website design. Using strong, bold lines this design grabs the user’s attention and does not let go.

The front page sports striking carousel photography coupled with customer testimonials and a search function perfect for touch-screen browsing, and moving further down you will find a comprehensive, clean eight-pane featured property section as well as a direct social media feed where you can show just how hard you work to sell or let your stock.

Click here to go Whitehall